Love Better "series"

Make a Friend, Gain an Intercessor!

God wants to unleash His love among His children. Are you one? There are great benefits to loving the way Christ tells us to. One is having someone to intercede to the Father for you, especially during your hard times.

"Fiction is the truth inside the lie, and the truth of this fiction is simple enough: the magic exists."


Fire Sisters

Three co-workers find each other in webs of intrigue as they solve one mystery after another to improve children's lives. Perhaps they can find the way into each others' hearts and improve their own lives. 

Dramatic Television Series (Acts I and II)

Never Look Back

A former call-girl tries to change her life by going to church and saving her marriage. But when her pimp threatens to harm her three-year-old daughter, she has to put an end to the past once and for all.

Dramatic Flash Fiction

When Mom Gets the Oil

Sometimes you've done all

you can and it's still not enough. That's when you must get the oil of faith.



                       Non-Fiction Book

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