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What Do You Have in Common with an Egg?

Updated: Oct 26

Ahh! The versatile egg. How many ways can you cook an egg? Many ways but, in the end, it’s still an egg. You can scramble it, fry it, sunny side it, easy over it, omelet it, florentine it, benedict it, boil it, and raw it. The bottom line is that it’s still an egg. That’s how we are. We’re people with all the ingredients it takes the walk out the purpose that God placed in us from the start, even if we change a bit throughout the years. You know, what's interesting is that you remain the same. You don't really change. 

I was looking through some old files and came across my old college papers.  The writing dreams that I said I wanted to do—the things that I loved were exactly the same todays as they were thirty years ago. My passions are the same. They may get muddled and hidden under much of life circumstances, but when the smoke clears, they shine out or stand out untouched or unchanged. 

During my senior year, I had decided that I was going to be a writer. I had finished the coursework to become a preschool teacher, a career I wanted very much. But during a creative writing course, I fell head over heels in love with writing. It had awakened my love for words and stories. My earliest recollections of my writing was in high school. I wrote a short story for the literary magazine and it was published as the lead story. I didn’t think that much more about it until the college creative writing class. Now, I was hooked. I decided to change my major to Creative Writing, but my college advisor said I should stay on track to be a preschool teacher because I needed money for my bread and butter, and I could write on the side. I took her advice. After all, I had a husband and five children to consider. It made sense.

For a while, I went about the business of living, raising my children, going to work each day and doing whatever life had to offer, but in my heart, I was still yearning to be that writer, satisfying it by researching every avenue about writing. I watched successful writers’ interviews, read their stories and lived through them vicariously. But it was all false. You can’t satisfy your passion that way for long. At some point you have to do your passion. 

After years of complaining , fussing and carrying on, I decided to do what it took to fulfill my dream of writing for a living. That’s what brought me to re-reading my college papers from thirty years before. I was searching for my old stories I wrote during my senior year. I was starting with what I already had written as a base. And there it was—a piece stating how much I wanted to become a writer, almost word for word today. I was struck at how exact my desires were then and now.

Maybe you can experience the same similarities in your life. What passions or interest have been consistent throughout your years? Maybe, there's a certain style you have that you often play out. The way you approach a new subject or project, is it always the same? Is there something in your heart that you absolutely love doing?

I believe you were built for something and the parts make up the whole. Depending on your particular circumstance that "something" will determine how it’s played out. That’s why none of us are the same. Our brand is unique. Our job is to discover or uncover the design, and we can do that by looking into our past and charting the consistencies in our life. Writing your memoirs may show your basic level of designs in you. Follow this blog and maybe you can get started on your own self study.

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