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"It took a long time to figure out that I am an artist

 -- a writer, to be exact because I could do so many things that interest me. According to the Meyers-Briggs Personality Indicator I am an "intuitive," "introverted," "feeling," "perceptive" person,  I was twenty-nine when I took the test, and it unveiled the fact that I was not a "little bit crazy," as  I often would refer to myself, an assumption with which I was perfectly fine. But, I was grateful to discover there was a reason behind my "madness" and not surprised to learn that my type only accounted for three percent of the general population. 

Every business started off in someone's soul, their thinking, their passion. My passion is to help you find yours, walk it out and change the world. I do that by collecting stories and creating stories. Your story tells a great deal about your passion. and your passion uncovers your purpose. What's your story? 

That's what brings me to now, well in my mature years, I finally give myself permission to be myself. That's what I offer you. permission to discover and walk out, being yourself,


I believe that everyone who is born has the DNA to answer a problem that exists in the world. Some call it your purpose. "Purpose" is the vibrancy of the soul. It's the thing that you breathe out.

I don't have all the answers, but I'll be glad to share what I've acquired. If you're ready to learn how to identify your purpose and begin to walk it out, then enter your email address below and click “Get Updates! 

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I collect stories, and I create stories

I can help you tell yours.

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